The homes
There are six different models of family home in the Vlinderbuurt: mansion houses, park houses, growth houses, end-of-terrace houses, town houses and courtyard houses. The houses are extremely varied and have three or four bedrooms. The luxurious bathroom has a bath and separate shower. The kitchen has an extraction fan, dishwasher, fridge-freezer and combination microwave oven. All of the houses have a back garden. Every house has a brick shed in the garden for storing items such as bicycles. Many of the houses also have a roof terrace. The houses are situated around three different central courtyards. The courtyards can only be accessed by the residents, making them a safe place for your children to play.

Surrounding area
The houses of the Vlinderbuurt border the 't Zand en Parkwijk districts. This neighbourhood is an ideal location, where all the amenities, such as primary schools and shops, are within walking distance. Five parks set the tone of the living environment: the bordering Amalia Park, 't Zand Park, Park Grauwaert, Hoge Weide and, of course, the Leidsche Rijn Park.


 Leidsche Rijn offers an increasing number of sports and entertainment facilities for young and old. For example, a film in 't Zand cinema, a play in the Vredenburg theatre or a picnic in the Leidsche Rijn Park. In the summer, you can bike to the Haarrijnse Bad recreational lake.